DIY Craft Desk For The Home

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My Husband is building me a craft table, just a regular one with a shelf under the top. I wish we’ve read your blog before – my craft table would have been twice as big :) I’d love to take just two of them and make a nice desk for the office space too.

DIY Craft Desk For The Halloween. | ❤ How To Make the perfect Homemade DIY Craft Desk ❤ #diy, #handmade

I would n’t need to add on a secondary table to make the L shape. It’s amazing what you can do with your existing stuff with some little efforts…Here’s the DIY guide with lots more photos and tips for this Wonderfully thought out desk!

I love love love this idea!!! so I thought it would be helpful to point our readers to one complete post with all the details, to help those who’d like to consider this project.

Material Needed

  • 2 of these Cubicle Storage units from Amazon
  • 1 sheet of MDF, 1″ thick, about $55 at Amazon
  • 4 (1×4)” boards
  • 2 Table Legs (I actually used 2 railing things, cause I liked the shape of them)
  • White Primer and Paint
  • Screws
  • 1 “(1 x 1)” board or any scrap board for joining the 2 sides.

DIY Craft Desk For The Home

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