Cost Saving Dryer Sheets Alternative

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Cost Effective dryer sheet alternative : Never buy expensive dryer sheets again!

Dryer Sheets are important items in the Laundry room. So I was particularly interested when Courtenay, over at,  found a much cheaper alternative to commercial dryer sheets. that can be homemade,  works just as well and make sure there is no static cling.

It’s also made from a  simple household item, that everyone has. You will be shocked at just how well it works. With this tip, you’ll never run out of dryer sheets again since it can even be reused and is significantly cheaper than leading dryer sheet brands.

The cost saving is the use of tinfoil instead of a dryer sheet to prevent static cling. I have tried it out for myself and I was so surprised when it actually worked! I have been using a foil ball now for almost a year. I switched when I found it works and no longer exposes me to the chemicals found in dryer sheets

Tin foil is a cheaper, scent free, longer lasting option and I especially like this for towels. no dryer sheet build up so they actually absorb water. works really great for microfiber towels because if you use dryer sheets with them they won’t be as absorbent.


Tinfoil as such an effective dryer sheet alternative

What I used was 2-3 sheets of aluminum foil { Each Sheet is about a foot long each}, although I don’t think exact size matters*) and you can ball the sheet up together.

Then you toss it into your dryer along with your clothes! That’s it! The ball came out looking a little smoother

The laundry also comes out completely static-free! It’s a little bit amazing. AND, you can use the same ball for up to 6 months! at least I have been using it for more than that duration.


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