Coffee Scrub Homemade Cellulite Treatment

Don’t miss out! Follow Herbsandoilsremedies on Facebook and Pinterest to stay up to date with new posts to bring more love and life into your home... Here’s a very quick and easy homemade cellulite treatment you can do at home any time using coffee!When most people develop cellulite, they turn to “miracle” creams and lotions which not only are outrageously expensive, they are also packed with chemicals and toxins – toxins which are one of the most common …toxins which are one of the most common causes of cellulite in the first place!

 Coffee Scrub Homemade Cellulite Treatment
Did you know that one of the most prominent ingredients in anti cellulite treatments and creams is actually caffeine? With that in mind,This Highly effective Coffee Scrub Homemade Cellulite Treatment will help you take charge of your skin and clear away your cellulite worries. 

 Coffee Scrub Homemade Cellulite Treatment

Make sure you thoroughly rinse out your shower/tub though when you are done as coffee can darken them.


You will need:
1/2 cup coffee grounds
1/4 cup brown sugar
olive oil


1. Apply olive oil to your areas with cellulite.
2. Combine the coffee grounds and brown sugar.
3. Use the coffee scrub on your cellulite areas by moving in circular motions.
4. Rinse off.

Apple cinder oil have also been proven to be highly effective in treating cellulite..Mix 3 tablespoons of apple vinegar to 1 tablespoon of olive oil) massage this natural anti cellulite treatment for 10 minutes on the affected areas before taking your morning shower..

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  2. I am thinking about this skin scrubbing, but how often I should do that? Doesn't it have a bad effect?

  3. This homemade cellulite treatment does not any bad effect .How often is as a result of how effective it works on your skin-type but form personal experience, it works well over time. Check the article for the alternative apple vinegar method instead.. Let me know how it works out at your end,,,

  4. Coffee does prove helpful, no wonder it is an addition to so many creams best cellulite treatment

  5. why do you need brown sugar? This is the first recipe that I have seen, for this treatment since I have been looking on-line.

    1. Brown sugar’s granulated particles exfoliate and clear away dry, dead skin cells, it is an anti-bacterial and also contains glycolic acid which is an alpha-hydroxyl acid ingredient that keeps skin healthy + vibrant. At the same time it moisturizes and conditions the skin and protects it from the harmful effects of toxins. Lastly it smells delicious! Using brown sugar as a relaxing aromatherapy at home spa treatment will most definitely leave you feeling like a domestic goddess.

  6. I wanted the treatments to work. I felt that they should work. They were uncomfortable enough. To be fair, Iriana asked me several times if she was pressing too hard.
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    1. Please keep us informed on how well it worked for you...ThANKS

  7. Coffee Scrub Cellulite Treatment seems to be very helpful. I am dealing with cellulites and to get rid of it, I am trying different measure. Last time I used Ventouse Cellulite for cellulite reduction which was quite effective and this time I will go for Coffee Scrub Cellulite Treatment for more great results.

  8. Oh wow... had no idea you could use coffee for that! Will have to read up on this now :)


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